October 20, 2022

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — All Voting is Local Florida and its partners sent a letter Thursday to Kissimmee Chief of Police Jeffrey O’Dell to inform him that officers should stay out of no-electioneering zones at polling locations during the election season. Early voting begins in Osceola County on Oct. 24.

Continuous Kissimmee police presence was reported inside the 150-foot no electioneering zone during early voting for the August primary at the Osceola Welcome Center. The letter asked O’Dell to ensure his officers don’t congregate at polling locations during voting times for the upcoming general election –   unless exercising their right to vote or responding to an emergency – as it could dissuade people from voting.

“While voter and poll worker safety are of utmost concern, multiple police vehicles in the designated area for voters outside a polling place may be intimidating or convey a sense of emergency that could discourage voters from participating,” the letter reads.

The full letter can be found here and was signed by the following groups:

  • Alianza Center
  • All Voting is Local 
  • Equal Ground
  • Hispanic Federation
  • Poder Latinx