Washington, DC  All Voting is Local Executive Director Hannah Fried issued the following statement in response to Fox News reaching a $787.5 million settlement with Dominion in defamation case: 

“While we still hope to see the defendants in this case make a full accounting of the lies they told and their impact, the outcome of this lawsuit should serve as a reminder to anyone who spreads disinformation and propagates election lies that they will be held accountable. There are consequences for intentionally spreading election conspiracies and election lies. 

“Today’s outcome isn’t the end of our fight to stop the spread of disinformation, and it does prove that there is more to be done to hold accountable those who have, and continue to, lie about elections and the people who run them. All Voting is Local and its partners will continue to be a part of this effort to fight disinformation and dismantle attacks on the voting systems of this country.”