ATLANTA  All Voting is Local Georgia State Campaign Manager Lana Goitia Paz issued the following statement in response to the Georgia legislature passing Senate Bill 441, which expands the powers of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to look into election-related cases: 

“With Senate Bill 441, Georgia lawmakers have again found a way to continue spearheading lies about elections while doing nothing to actually help voters. Giving the Georgia Bureau of Investigation power over election-related investigations is an unnecessary step that will only lead to more voter intimidation and discourage Georgians from casting their ballots. This provision is based on clear lies stemming from the 2020 election, which has been repeatedly verified and confirmed as secure by our officials. The people of Georgia deserve laws that facilitate access to the ballot box, not measures that intentionally try to silence their voices.”


Senate Bill 441 was passed late Monday night, which was Sine Die in Georgia, the final day of the state’s legislative session, when bills are often passed at the last second without lawmakers’ having adequate time to review certain pieces of legislation. The bill will give the Georgia Bureau of Investigations original jurisdiction over claims of election-related crimes. The legislation now goes to Gov. Brian Kemp’s desk, where it is expected to be signed.