DETROIT — All Voting is Local Michigan State Director Aghogho Edevbie issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s local elections in Michigan. The elections marked the first time Michigan voting took place primarily by mail. 

“Voter participation for Tuesday’s local elections was a record high for May elections, likely due to every registered voter being mailed an absentee ballot application. Expanding access to mail-in voting is the right thing to do even outside of a pandemic, and state decision makers should act now to do so again ahead of the August and November elections to ensure all Michigan voices are heard.

“Voters should feel safe, certain and encouraged. But until we meaningfully expand access to the ballot, that will not be the case, particularly for historically disenfranchised communities. Increasing vote-by-mail is crucial, but providing meaningful in-person options ensures that all voices will be heard. There’s still time to safeguard elections and protect all voters.

“Election officials must mail all Michigan voters an absentee ballot application. In addition, they should increase ballot drop-off locations, improve ballot tracking and extend deadlines for mail-in ballots. They should do their part to communicate these changes to voters though call, text, digital ads and public service announcements.”