LAS VEGAS — All Voting is Local Nevada and the Campaign Legal Center are demanding that the Nevada Department of Corrections and the Nevada Department of Public Safety fulfill requests for public information on the restoration of voting rights for Nevadans who were previously incarcerated. The action is critical to ensuring that officials are complying with the state’s rights restoration law and providing accurate information on rights restoration to Nevadans involved with the criminal legal system. 

In July 2019, Assembly Bill 431, which restored the right to vote for Nevadans released from prison, took effect. In response to a request from All Voting is Local and Campaign Legal Center, the departments recently updated their websites to include information about this rights restoration.

In letters sent Tuesday, the groups urged the departments to build on the progress of updating the website information and provide records about: 

  • Policies or practices related to rights restoration, voting and voter registration for released or discharged people.
  • Guidance or notification given to people in prison regarding the restoration of their rights prior to release.
  • Policies or procedures for assisting people released, or soon to be released, from prison with registering to vote.
  • Implementation of any policies related to rights restoration. 
  • Implementation of Assembly Bill 431 into department guidelines, press releases, information provided to the public, and information stated on department websites.

“All arms of the state government have an obligation to ensure that the information provided to the public is accurate and up to date, particularly when it deals with the exercise of fundamental civil rights,” the groups wrote.

Both letters can be found here

The letter to the Nevada Department of Corrections can be found here

The letter to the Nevada Department of Public Safety can be found here.