Nevada Shows Up for Democracy

Process may take time as all votes are counted 

LAS VEGAS—All Voting is Local Nevada state director Kerry Durmick issued the following statement in response to the remaining uncounted ballots in Nevada: 

“We’re inspired by the resilience of Nevada voters who, despite unprecedented circumstances, showed up and cast their ballots in record numbers. We’re encouraged that officials are taking the time to count and verify every vote to ensure our voices are indeed heard. 

“Identification issues, or a missing or mismatched signature, could delay a ballot from being counted, but Nevada voters have time to address these issues. Voters should verify their ballot has been counted and contact their county officials as soon as possible if there are any issues.

“All the votes will be counted, no matter how long it takes. We, the people, decide who leads us.”


Nevada voters have until Friday, November 6 at 5 p.m. to provide ID if they haven’t already, and until Thursday, November 12 at 5pm to cure their ballot for issues such as missing or challenged signatures.