November 7, 2022

PHILADELPHIA All Voting is Local Pennsylvania sent a letter Monday night to elections officials in 10 counties across the state urging them to allow voters who submitted undated ballot envelopes to cast provisional ballots.. The Pennsylvania Department of State has issued guidance instructing county elections offices to provide a provisional ballot at a polling place if a voter needs to correct the mistake of not dating or incorrectly dating the outer envelope of their mail-in or absentee ballots.

“​Thousands of Pennsylvanians could be disenfranchised through no fault of their own because they understandably relied on the fact that their vote would count even if they failed to write a date (or wrote the wrong date) on the outside envelope of their mail-in or absentee ballot, an error that disproportionately impacts senior citizen voters,” the letter reads. “This mass disenfranchisement of blameless voters runs directly counter to the well-established principle that election rules should not be changed so close to an election so as to effectively invalidate the ballots of voters who relied on the prior rules.”

You can view the full letter here.