PHOENIX This week, Pinal County election administrators’ lack of preparation, resources, and oversight led to voter disenfranchisement. The county admits that hundreds of voters could have been affected. As Pinal County rushes to appoint a new county recorder, Alex Gulotta, All Voting is Local Arizona state director, released the following statement:

“Arizona voters deserve election administrators with the experience needed to run elections efficiently and effectively. What happened this week in Pinal County was absolutely unacceptable and cannot happen again in November. Pinal County must be deliberative about their decision to select a new recorder with experience running elections. We ask that Pinal County slow down the selection process and recruit and vet a number of qualified candidates for such a vital role.

“Selecting an experienced election administrator will decrease the likelihood that disasters like this week’s will happen again. Voters must be able to trust the electoral system. Our democracy is too important to have inexperienced election administrators running our elections.”