December 20, 2023

COLUMBUS – Today, along with coalition partners from the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition, All Voting is Local Ohio sent a letter to Secretary of State Frank LaRose, urging the SOS to provide more information after the decision to withdraw from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). The letter underscored the importance of the SOS providing resources and direction for counties on how to identify voters who have moved out of their respective counties and how to facilitate the registration readiness process. 

“The decision to leave ERIC impacted the administration of elections in our state in a multiplicity of ways, but in the present, we are concerned that the guidance your office has provided – or perhaps lack thereof – will trigger people’s removal from the voter registration rolls,” the groups wrote before imploring the SOS to answer whether the SOS office has provided any guidance on properly coding an individual’s removal from the voter rolls. 

The letter ended with the groups asking the SOS to provide information on any directives, memos, advisories, emails, or any other communication that the office has provided to the boards. They further asked that if the SOS office has not provided any guidance, whether the office plans on providing counties guidance and when the office will implement a list maintenance schedule.

The letter can be read here.