Milwaukee — In response to the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision to restrict the use of drop boxes for the August and November 2022 elections, All Voting is Local Wisconsin State Director Shauntay Nelson issued the following statement: 

“The Supreme Court of Wisconsin’s decision to restrict the use of drop boxes during our elections is disappointing and a monumental loss for voter accessibility. This decision will particularly impact voters with disabilities, and elderly and rural voters, as they are more likely to use drop boxes. The use of drop boxes in the 2020 election helped Wisconsin voters turn out in historic numbers – despite safety concerns due to the pandemic. Drop boxes ensure that voters who do not have the time or ability to wait in line to vote are able to drop their completed ballots off, and they are a safe and secure way to vote.” 

Background: In January, a Waukesha County judge limited the use of ballot drop boxes, citing state law. While drop boxes were allowed for the February primary, they were not for the April spring election. Worth noting is that for the April election, the City of Milwaukee implemented a ballot drop-off system in compliance with the ruling