COLUMBUS, OhioIn response to Secretary of State Frank LaRose pulling Ohio out of the multi-state voter registration database Election Registration Information Center (ERIC) on March 17, All Voting is Local Ohio State Director Kayla Griffin released the following statement:

“We are extremely alarmed that Secretary of State LaRose continues to play into the hands of conspiracy theorists by taking actions that undermine confidence in our elections, the latest of which is to pull Ohio out of ERIC. The smear campaign against ERIC is an attempt by conspiracy theorists to erode voters’ faith in our election system in order to create extreme barriers to the ballot. Despite what critics of the database say, concerns about election security are actually addressed by ERIC, as it is one of the most trusted tools to ensure voter registration lists are accurate and secure. ERIC is the only effective system developed to date that ensures more accurate voter rolls. Any attempt to build a new system premised on conspiracy theories and outright lies simply will not serve Ohio voters the way the nonpartisan, expert-driven ERIC has done.”