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By engaging with county and city election officials, we are committed to ensuring all Pennsylvanians have the freedom to vote. The Pennsylvania Legislature’s bipartisan and pro-voter measure  known as “Act77,” brought sweeping reforms to the state in 2019. Now, Republican state lawmakers want to put up deliberate barriers to the ballot. We won’t stop fighting until every voice is heard.

News from Pennsylvania

New Legislation Calling for Hearings on Election Reform is a Critical Step in Ensuring the Freedom to Vote for Philadelphians

PHILADELPHIA — All Voting is Local Pennsylvania State Director Scott Seeborg issued the following statement in response to the introduction of Resolution 210657, which calls for hearings on election reform, an important step forward for the Philadelphia City Council to ensure free, fair elections:

All Voting is Local State Leaders Urge Voter-Focused Election Reforms During 2021 Legislative Period

WASHINGTON – In op-eds for Talking Points Memo, the Arizona Republic, Cleveland.com, Nevada Independent, Tampa Bay Times - and an accompanying Spanish version in the Orlando Sentinel - All Voting is Local Pennsylvania, Arizona, Ohio, Nevada, and Florida state directors share lessons learned from the 2020 general election—with firsthand accounts of how changes spurred by the pandemic affected voters—and urge officials to fix outdated voting systems and expand access to the ballot.

Pennsylvania Must Count Every Vote

HARRISBURG - All Voting is Local Pennsylvania State Director Scott Seeborg issued the following statement reaffirming that every vote must be counted as Pennsylvania is still tabulating their results for the presidential election:
“With a record number of votes by mail, officials are taking the necessary time to verify ballots, process, and tabulate the results. This is how our democracy works. This election is about more than the candidates; it’s about our communities. Our voices will be heard and our votes counted.

Featured Work

Calling for more transparency and accountability around elections in Allegheny, All Voting is Local, along with 11 other voting rights and advocacy organizations, urged the Allegheny County Election Board to hold additional public meetings in advance of the November 2 general election to give voters a chance to understand how elections will be run.


Allegheny County Election Board agreeing to do the following:

  1. Hold at least one meeting in September and possibly more depending on if the legislature makes voting changes this summer.
  2. Live-stream all meetings online.
  3. Allow the public to provide comments directly online instead of sending an email.