Our Priorities

Widespread polling place closures and changes. Confusing voting and registration rules. New election machines and equipment without a plan to make sure voters and poll workers know how to use them.

Pennsylvania has long run its elections stuck in the last century with policies that silence voters. Up until late 2019 when the legislature passed sweeping election reforms, nearly every Pennsylvania voter cast a ballot on one day – Election Day. While some states try to make voting easier and more accessible, Pennsylvania lacked such commonsense reforms as early voting, voting by mail, and technology that helps poll workers lookup voters quickly to eliminate long lines at the polls. As Pennsylvania is on the brink of change, our team is on the ground fighting to ensure reforms are achieved so they are fair and accessible to all voters.  

All Voting is Local tackles tough obstacles before they disenfranchise voters on Election Day. Here’s how: 

  • As Pennsylvania works to carry out voting reforms while rolling out new voting equipment commonwealth-wide in 2020, our team is fighting to ensure that polling places are staffed with trained poll workers and solid back-up plans in case of technology problems.
  • We’re fighting last-minute polling place changes and advocating for elections officials to do more to ensure voters have the information they deserve to cast a ballot that counts. 
  • We’re ensuring that people in jail can register and vote, as is required by law.

News from Pennsylvania

Philadelphia General Election Vote By Mail Requests Show Stark Disparities By Race

PHILADELPHIA — All Voting is Local Pennsylvania today released two tools to track absentee ballot requests for the 2020 general election across the Commonwealth and in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia tool includes a new analysis that reveals stark disparities in vote by mail requests in predominantly Black and Brown precincts. Although the gap is statewide, it is most stark in Philadelphia. Using Census data we found that in predominantly white precincts, 31% of voters have requested their vote by mail ballots compared to 22% of voters in predominantly Black precincts and 17% in predominantly Latino precincts.

Pennsylvania Civil Rights, Immigrant Rights Organizations Showcase Voter Guides in More Than 10 Languages

PHILADELPHIA — All Voting Is Local, in collaboration with Citizens for Language Access, a group of voting and immigrant rights organizations representing over 15 language minority communities in Philadelphia, will showcase non-partisan user-friendly voter guides available in more than 10 languages on Thursday, September 17th from 10:30 a.m. — 12 p.m. ET via Facebook Live and Zoom. The resources were designed by the City of Philadelphia after months of collaboration between the city’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and Citizens for Language Access partner organizations.

Pennsylvania Elected Leaders, Advocates Urge Allegheny County Officials to Expand Voting Access for General Election

Pittsburgh, PA-- This afternoon, All Voting is Local, SEIU Healthcare PA, SEIU 32BJ, Pittsburgh United, Casa San Jose, Just Harvest, and Circles Greater Pittsburgh held a virtual press briefing to call on Allegheny County officials to adopt satellite county election offices, ballot drop boxes, hazard pay for poll workers, and enough polling places for voters on Election Day.

A recording of today’s press briefing can be found here.