Our Priorities

Widespread polling place closures and changes. Confusing voting and registration rules. New election machines and equipment without a plan to make sure voters and poll workers know how to use them.

Pennsylvania has long run its elections stuck in the last century with policies that silence voters. Up until late 2019 when the legislature passed sweeping election reforms, nearly every Pennsylvania voter cast a ballot on one day – Election Day. While some states try to make voting easier and more accessible, Pennsylvania lacked such commonsense reforms as early voting, voting by mail, and technology that helps poll workers lookup voters quickly to eliminate long lines at the polls. As Pennsylvania is on the brink of change, our team is on the ground fighting to ensure reforms are achieved so they are fair and accessible to all voters.  

All Voting is Local tackles tough obstacles before they disenfranchise voters on Election Day. Here’s how: 

  • As Pennsylvania works to carry out voting reforms while rolling out new voting equipment commonwealth-wide in 2020, our team is fighting to ensure that polling places are staffed with trained poll workers and solid back-up plans in case of technology problems.
  • We’re fighting last-minute polling place changes and advocating for elections officials to do more to ensure voters have the information they deserve to cast a ballot that counts. 
  • We’re ensuring that people in jail can register and vote, as is required by law.

News from Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Must Count Every Vote

HARRISBURG - All Voting is Local Pennsylvania State Director Scott Seeborg issued the following statement reaffirming that every vote must be counted as Pennsylvania is still tabulating their results for the presidential election:
“With a record number of votes by mail, officials are taking the necessary time to verify ballots, process, and tabulate the results. This is how our democracy works. This election is about more than the candidates; it’s about our communities. Our voices will be heard and our votes counted.

Political Interference Has No Place in Pennsylvania’s Elections

HARRISBURG — All Voting is Local Pennsylvania State Director Scott Seeborg issued the following statement in response to the Pennsylvania House Committee on State Government’s passage, along party lines, of House Resolution 1032:

“This isn’t oversight, it is obstruction. Pennsylvania’s Department of State must be allowed to do its job. Our democracy is sacred and our votes are too important to allow any politically motivated interference in running a free and fair election where all voices are heard.

Business Insider: Pennsylvania’s election is in uncharted territory with a new rule that rejects ‘naked’ ballots

“I don’t think the numbers lie, and the difference now is that the state has gone through almost 10 months of public communication on how to securely submit a mail-in ballot,” Scott Seeborg, the Pennsylvania State Director of advocacy group All Voting is Local, told Insider of Deeley’s estimations. “Extensive public education will move the needle downwards on the number of ‘naked ballots’ even as the total volume increases to more than 20 times the 2019 levels, as we saw in the primary.”

Featured Work

Everyday people, like you and me, have decided to vote by mail this year. A historic 1,500,000 voters in Pennsylvania successfully voted by mail in the last primary. Voting by mail gives us the power to make our voices heard no matter what the world throws at us. Hear why Rev. Cortes, Laiza and Salome made their decision to vote by mail.