Our Priorities

By engaging with county and city election officials, we are committed to ensuring all Pennsylvanians have the freedom to vote. State lawmakers want to put up deliberate barriers to the ballot and are even trying to use invasive subpoenas to attack voters. We won’t stop demanding leaders to respect our right to vote.

News from Pennsylvania

Conspiracy theorists in Pennsylvania continue their assault on elections

PHILADELPHIA — All Voting is Local Pennsylvania State Director Scott Seeborg issued the following statement in response to an anti-voter report released today by Pennsylvania House Republicans on the state of elections:

Philadelphia Mayor Must Allocate Additional Funding to Expand Voting Materials in More Languages

PHILADELPHIA —  Citizens for Language Access, a coalition of local civil rights and immigrant-led groups, is urging Philadelphia Mayor James F. Kenney to allocate funding to the Philadelphia City Commissioners to create voting materials in more languages.

Luzerne County Must Adopt Pro-Voter Agenda for Election Planning

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — A coalition of Pennsylvania organizations are urging Luzerne County election officials to adopt pro-voter principles in their planning for future elections. In order to protect the freedom to vote and prevent barriers to the ballot, the organizations are calling on the county to take measures that include ensuring the availability of voting options and voter education materials.

Featured Work

Our work led the Pennsylvania Department of State to give counties standardized language access guidance, increasing accessibility to the polls for immigrant communities and all voters who speak primary language other than English. We also expanded our election administration teams to be able to offer support in more counties throughout the state.