Our Priorities

Widespread polling place closures and changes. Confusing voting and registration rules. New election machines and equipment without a plan to make sure voters and poll workers know how to use them.

Pennsylvania has long run its elections stuck in the last century with policies that silence voters. Up until late 2019 when the legislature passed sweeping election reforms, nearly every Pennsylvania voter cast a ballot on one day – Election Day. While some states try to make voting easier and more accessible, Pennsylvania lacked such commonsense reforms as early voting, voting by mail, and technology that helps poll workers lookup voters quickly to eliminate long lines at the polls. As Pennsylvania is on the brink of change, our team is on the ground fighting to ensure reforms are achieved so they are fair and accessible to all voters.  

All Voting is Local tackles tough obstacles before they disenfranchise voters on Election Day. Here’s how: 

  • As Pennsylvania works to carry out voting reforms while rolling out new voting equipment commonwealth-wide in 2020, our team is fighting to ensure that polling places are staffed with trained poll workers and solid back-up plans in case of technology problems.
  • We’re fighting last-minute polling place changes and advocating for elections officials to do more to ensure voters have the information they deserve to cast a ballot that counts. 
  • We’re ensuring that people in jail can register and vote, as is required by law.

News from Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Election Officials Must Act Now to Comply with New Registration Law

All Voting is Local, the ACLU of Pennsylvania, the Campaign Legal Center (CLC), Ceiba, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and Protect Democracy sent a letter to election officials in seven Pennsylvania counties Friday warning that voters will be disenfranchised if those jurisdictions do not comply with the commonwealth’s new law--Act 77--which shortens the window to process voter registrations from 30 days to 15.

Voting Rights Organizations Urge Philadelphia Elections Officials to Publicize Polling Place Changes for November 5 Election

All Voting is Local, the ACLU of Pennsylvania, Campaign Legal Center, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coalition, and Pennsylvania Voice sent a letter today to Philadelphia City Commissioners urging them to inform voters about widespread polling place changes throughout the city -- decisions made just days before the November 5 municipal election. 

New voting technology is good step for Pennsylvania, but voters need training | Opinion

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf was right to aim big when he pledged to upgrade the commonwealth’s antiquated voting machines by the 2020 election. Now Wolf, the Department of State, and county officials must work together to launch a commonwealth-wide plan to teach both voters and poll workers about the new voting systems. Voters deserve it, Election Day workers require it, and the integrity of our democratic process depends on it.