November 13, 2023

PRESQUE ISLE, Wisconsin — Last week, news broke that in September, a circuit court judge issued a court-ordered re-do of the spring April election to determine who will be the next Presque Isle town chair. This re-do will be held tomorrow, November 14. In response, All Voting is Local Wisconsin State Director Sam Liebert issued the following statement:  

“We are extremely alarmed that a court-order was issued to re-do the April election in the town of Presque Isle. While we acknowledge that certain issues were flagged post-election, we have election protocols in place to remedy them. A court-order to re-do an election undermines the electoral process and systems in place to protect the vote, and by allowing this re-do to take place, we are ultimately disenfranchising voters who already made their voices heard in April. There is no guarantee that the voters who showed up in April will do so tomorrow, or if they even know about the re-do election. Furthermore, election re-dos are a tool that can be utilized to subvert the will of our voters and undermine our elections. This precedent should be avoided at all costs.”