December 07, 2023

Lansing, MI — Over the last two weeks, the Michigan Legislature and Governor Whitmer passed and signed six pro-voter bills into law that will expand voting rights for Michiganders. These bills implement policies including: automatic voter registration (HB 4983), poll worker protections (HB 4129), limits on ballot challenges (HB 4567), polling place ride shares (HB 4568), pre-registration for eligible 16 year-olds (HB 4569), and improved absentee voting for uniformed service members (SB 470). In response, All Voting is Local Michigan State Director Ashiya Brown issued the following statement:  

“Michigan continues to lead the way as we work to create greater access to the ballot and expand rights for voters. It is easy to look around the country and see attempts to limit voting rights, but here in the Mitten, we’re making sure that all eligible voters can cast their ballot, that poll workers are protected, and that future voters can easily prepare to cast their first vote in the future.

“It’s an exciting time to be a voting rights advocate in Michigan, and we’re seeing the long-term impact of casting your vote and making your voice heard. Thank you to the pro-voter advocates in the Michigan Legislature and Governor Whitmer for enshrining our right and freedom to vote into law.”