Press Releases, State News / August 13, 2021

Ohio Secretary of State LaRose Must Create Consistent Standards for Collecting Election Data Across Counties

CLEVELAND--The Ohio Voter Rights Coalition called on Secretary of State Frank LaRose to require universal standards for how Ohio’s 88 counties collect election data, a move that is critical in bolstering public confidence in the state’s election system.

Media, Press Releases, State News / June 23, 2021

Report: Eligible Wisconsin Voters in Jail Still Face Unnecessary Hurdles to the Ballot

MILWAUKEE — All Voting is Local, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, and the ACLU of Wisconsin today released Ballots for All: Ensuring Eligible Wisconsinites in Jail Have Equal Access to Voting — an update to the July 2020 report, Ballots for All: Ensuring Eligible Wisconsin Voters in Jail Have Equal Access to Voting. The new report found that many jail administrators have taken small, but important, steps to increase ballot access for individuals in their care. However, troubling voting barriers persist for the approximately 13,000 people incarcerated in Wisconsin’s jails at any given time.

Reports, State News / May 26, 2021

Getting There is Half the Battle: Wisconsin’s Photo ID Law, Access to DMV Services, and the Fight for Our Freedom to Vote

Wisconsin’s lack of access to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a deliberate barrier for voters to get the photo ID needed to cast a ballot.

In this report, we examine these disparities and offer recommendations on how Florida’s 67 counties can make the process and validating of mail ballots uniform so that all voters can make their voices heard.

Reports / May 14, 2020

COVID-19 Silenced Voters in Wisconsin

The spread of COVID-19 has had an unprecedented and disproportionate impact on Black and brown communities in the United States. While much of the policy discussion has rightly focused on COVID-19’s impact on the health and economic well-being of communities of color, decision makers must also urgently confront how the pandemic is silencing voters of color and harming our democracy.

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