Protect Your Power

From Arizona to Florida, the freedom to vote is under attack.

Behind closed doors, federal, state, and local officials are plotting to restrict access to the ballot because they know your vote is powerful. Their efforts to silence us will not go unchecked. Together, we can build a resounding force to ensure that all Americans can cast a ballot that counts. Learn below how to get involved.


The power is in the people. Voters select their leaders, not the other way around. Whether it’s a senator or sheriff, YOU determine who represents your interests. The first step to taking control of your future and creating change is registering to vote.


It’s never been a more important time to be a poll worker than now. Proponents of the Big Lie are trying to infiltrate our elections to silence our voices and give themselves power. In 2020, hundreds of thousands of poll workers nationwide successfully protected our freedom to vote. Together, we can do it again.


Democracy isn’t promised. Preserving and improving our democracy demands accountability, action, and vigilance. 

Attend our events, testify at hearings, and help us build a democracy that works for us all.