September 15, 2023

ATLANTA  Today, a three-person review commission made up of Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, state Sen. Steve Gooch and state Rep. Chuck Efstration decided not to suspend or remove state Sen. Shawn Still after his indictment in August for his alleged involvement in a criminal conspiracy to overturn election results. Voting rights groups All Voting is Local Action and Fair Fight Action put out the following statements in response:

“Georgia’s leaders have turned their backs on voters in the state. By trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election, Sen. Shawn Still has proven that he is not fit to serve the people of Georgia. We deserve elected officials that we can trust to honor the will of voters, not ones who will undermine public trust as soon as they don’t like the results of an election,” said All Voting is Local Georgia Action State Director Kristin Nabers. 

“At a time when democracy in Georgia currently hangs in the balance, it is incredibly discouraging that the review commission has declined to do its part to protect the sanctity of our elections by holding conspiracy-driven election deniers accountable. Efforts to subvert election outcomes and stifle the will of Georgia voters remain one of the biggest threats to our democracy. Fortunately, the ongoing indictment of Sen. Still and his co-conspirators affirms that no amount of power, privilege, or authority exempts individuals from being held accountable under the law for attempts to sabotage our democracy,” said Fair Fight Action Political Director Nicole Robinson.