March 13, 2024

LANSING, MI  In response to the news of the Republican National Committee’s lawsuit against the State of Michigan over voter rolls, All Voting Is Local Action State Director Ashiya Brown shared the following statement:

“Let’s call this what it is – another attempt to sabotage our elections by setting the stage to delegitimize results come November. The State of Michigan already conducts consistent voter list maintenance, which ensures accuracy of the voter rolls. This lawsuit is not about accurate voter rolls, but instead an attempt to throw sand in the gears of Michigan’s elections.  .  

“Moreover, the lawsuit is a distraction to take up election officials’ time and resources, and an attempt to discourage voters from making their voices heard at the ballot box under threat of being ineligible to vote. Voters will still make their voices heard. Pro-voter advocates will continue to support election officials. Democracy will win out against these attacks on voters.”