February 29, 2024

PHOENIX Today, the Arizona Voting Rights Coalition hosted a press conference at the Arizona Capitol to demand legislative support for a pro-voter agenda that prioritizes voting rights. 

Amanda Lugo, All Voting Is Local Action’s Arizona Senior Grassroots Manager said, “The Arizona Voting Rights Coalition and pro-democracy advocates are committed to ensuring that our elections remain free and fair despite recent attempts to make voting more difficult by lawmakers who have proposed bills and resolutions that would harm voters. We are here to push back against attempts to ban vote centers in House Concurrent Resolution 2032 and House Bill 2547, as well as attempts to take power away from voters to choose who will cast Arizona’s electoral votes in the presidential election and give it to legislators in SCR1014. All Arizona voters deserve access to the ballot and legislators must ensure that voters can cast their ballot without worry.”

“This legislative session, anti-voter, anti-democracy legislators have introduced around 100 bills attempting to suppress voters’ access to the ballot box and weaken our democracy. Many of these are exact copies of bills that were vetoed just last session. 

Even worse, now these legislators are trying to break our ballots. They are working to bypass the veto pen because it is currently held by a pro-voter Governor,” said Casey Clowes, Voting Rights Director with Progress Arizona. “Our out of control legislature is now attempting to throw numerous extreme anti-democracy referrals on the ballot because they know Gov. Hobbs would veto them or has already vetoed them.”