Media, Press Releases, State News / June 17, 2021

Advisory: New Report Underscores Unnecessary Hurdles Incarcerated Individuals Still Face During Election Times

MILWAUKEE — All Voting is Local, in partnership with the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin and the ACLU of Wisconsin, will host a press briefing at 10 a.m. CT/11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, to discuss findings from their latest report entitled “Ballots for All: Ensuring Eligible Wisconsinites in Jail Have Equal Access to Voting.”

Media / June 14, 2021

Explicia.Co: The battle against state laws that try to limit the right to vote in the US

Alex Gulotta, from the All Voting is Local Campaign, Arizona, recalls that many of these state laws to limit the vote come just after the November 2020 election, which registered participation records, despite the pandemic: “for example barriers to voter registration that happened in Florida; purging the vote-by-mail list that happened in Arizona and Florida, banning or limiting mailboxes, as Georgia and Florida have done and is being considered in other states, restricting early voting in Georgia, basically undermining all the things that led us To have a historic turnout in the 2020 elections, they are being made illegal in many states, not in all places, but a great effort is being made to make this happen, ”said Gulotta.  

Media / May 26, 2021

Talking Points Memo: AZ GOPers Target Dem SoS Hobbs—And Hobbs Only—In Mad Dash To Rewrite Election Rules

In recent days, several other elections bills have picked up steam, as part of the horse-trading that is happening to get a budget passed, according to Alex Gulotta, the Arizona state director of the voting rights group All Voting Is Local.

“There are a small minority of people that are trying to deliver voter restriction bills,” he said. That’s led to election measures being unveiled and advanced at the last minute, during the budget negotiating process.

Media / May 11, 2021

Time: Arizona Just Became the Latest State to Approve Mail Voting Restrictions. Here’s What to Know

Voting rights advocates broadly criticize the law, and are particularly concerned that the way the law is written—that if you do not cast an early ballot in any elections, for two consecutive election cycles, you will be kicked off the list. “If you vote in person that will still trigger the provisions of this [law] to begin the process of purging you from the list,” says Alex Gulotta, Arizona state director for All Voting is Local. That is “insidious,” he adds.

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