No matter our color, background, or ZIP code, all Arizonans value the freedom to vote. We deserve practices that protect our access to the ballot and leaders who will protect our democracy. Sign the Democracy Pledge and call on our leaders to support policies that ensure all Arizonans can cast a ballot that counts. After signing the pledge, be sure to visit the Get Involved page to learn how to take action now.

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Why are Arizona legislators considering changes that restrict our freedom to vote? Proposed bills in the Arizona legislature would restrict early voting and voting by mail, eliminate eligible voters from the early voter list, impose tougher ID laws, allow private companies to purge registration rolls, and more. These measures are not fueled by facts or data. They directly threaten the right to vote — and we will not allow it.

Tell your Arizona state senator and representatives to vote NO on anti-voter bills.

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Join us in the fight to protect our freedom to vote.

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