PHOENIX All Voting is Local Arizona, Arizona Advocacy Network and Foundation, Arizona Coalition for Change, Election Protection Arizona, Living United for Change in Arizona, Mi Familia Vota, One Arizona, and Progress Arizona released the following joint statement in response to Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s call for suspension of Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ updated voter registration assistance system, which assists Arizonans who need help registering to vote. 

“We stand strongly in support of Secretary Hobbs’ latest effort to ensure that all eligible voters are able to participate in the upcoming election.

“Arizona’s online voter registration system is outdated and excludes anyone without a driver’s license or state issued ID, or without internet access, which harms historically disenfranchised communities. The adjustments made by the secretary of state are fully within existing law—but they highlight how our online voter registration system is unfair and unjust.

“Gov. Ducey’s objection to the secretary of state’s efforts should be seen clearly for what it is: an attempt to disenfranchise Arizona’s most vulnerable communities. In the midst of a deadly pandemic, it is both unreasonable and discriminatory to expect Native Americans and other people in Arizona to travel to their county office to register to vote, while others can simply complete the same action online. Officials must accommodate voters in medical quarantine or isolation by providing special election boards through video conferencing, so that their voices can be heard, too.”

This statement is endorsed by the following organizations:

All Voting is Local Arizona

Arizona Advocacy Network and Foundation

Arizona Coalition for Change

Election Protection Arizona

Living United for Change in Arizona

Mi Familia Vota

One Arizona 

Progress Arizona