July 31, 2023

PHOENIX, AZ — All Voting is Local Arizona Senior Grassroots Manager Amanda Lugo issued the following statement as the 56th Legislative Session ends:

“We close the 2023 session feeling hopeful for voters. We plan to remain vigilant and continue to stress the need for inclusive, equitable, and accessible democratic policies and practices as we head into the 2024 election cycle. We celebrate the strong, solutions-oriented collaboration between legislators, Governor Hobbs, Secretary Fontes, and voting rights groups on behalf of voters this session.

“Priorities for the 2023 legislative session included championing pro-voter and pro-democracy policies while combating legislation that would create barriers to the ballot. Arizona voters deserve inclusive, safe, and secure access to the ballot and stronger voter protections. Governor Hobbs, Secretary Fontes, legislators, and voting rights advocates worked closely to find key solutions to protect Arizonans’ right to vote. SB 1324 was held-out as an attempt to add transparency to Arizona elections, but it was flawed in a number of key respects. Fortunately, Gov. Hobbs vetoed the bill, ensuring that every vote will be counted and certified without interference from conspiracy theorists.

“Voters have been at the center of policy decisions during the 56th legislative session, and collaboration has been vital to ensuring our elections are safe and secure.”


During the 2023 session, Arizona legislators put forth SB 1324, which would have released the voter file and ballot images to the public during live elections and before election certifications. The timing gaps in the policy and the lack of common sense protections would have created pathways for bad actors to negatively impact Arizona elections and directly target individual voters.