ATLANTA –All Voting is Local Georgia state director Aklima Khondoker issued the following statement reaffirming that every vote must be counted as Georgia continues to process the results of the presidential election:

“Georgians should be encouraged that our elected officials are doing their due diligence and taking the time necessary to ensure that every vote counts. This has been a historic election both in terms of the obstacles that voters had to overcome and their turnout. 

“Whether they voted by mail, early in-person or on Election Day, Georgians exercised their constitutional right to vote and it’s imperative that we do the right thing and count every ballot cast. Unfortunately, too many voters were issued provisional ballots due to last-minute polling site changes or because their county’s voting machines were inoperable, and now they must contact their county Board of Elections office to resolve (or “cure”) any issues with their ballot by Friday, Nov. 6.

“The press, political parties, and Georgians must remain engaged in our electoral processes and encourage those who cast provisional ballots to contact their county’s elections office to ensure their vote counts. Our democracy is worth the time it takes to cure outstanding ballot issues and demand that every vote counts.”

In accordance with Georgia state law, voters who cast a provisional ballot are permitted to contact their county’s elections office to “cure” issues with their provisional ballot within three days of Election Day – or by Friday, November 6. Provisional ballots are issued if voters are unable to produce a state-approved form of identification, if they vote in a non-assigned precinct, or due to an inoperable voting machine.