TALLAHASSEE — All Voting is Local Florida released a pledge Thursday titled “Floridians for Trust in Elections” to rally support from voters in the state and demand that state and local officials use their power to build trust in the elections process.

The pledge specifically calls on Florida voters to support policies that ensure officials: combat misinformation, uphold election results and denounce efforts that would sabotage the will of the voters, use their office as a source of reliable and truthful information regarding election matters, not feed into false claims of election problems that degrade voter trust, and promote transparency in all elections processes.

“No matter who we are or how we vote, Floridians deserve a transparent process we can trust, free from partisan attempts to sabotage election results and the will of the voters,” the pledge reads. “Access to the ballot box should not be a partisan issue and the will of the voters must be respected, not thwarted by an ongoing spectacle of election sabotage and anti-voter laws.” 

The full pledge can be seen here.