PHILADELPHIA – All Voting is Local Pennsylvania State Director Scott Seeborg issued the following statement in response to a lawsuit filed yesterday by the Trump campaign and others, which seeks to curtail Pennsylvanians’ ability to vote by mail in the November election:

“This is an attempt to undermine the common-sense reforms that Pennsylvania’s elected officials, including Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and all 67 county board of elections members, implemented to ensure that voters are able to exercise their constitutional right to vote without risking their health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Drop boxes and mail-in ballots are not only safe, secure, and accessible, they are a vital lifeline for voters to be heard. Any suggestion to the contrary is false. Efforts like this and in Wisconsin in April are an all-out assault on the rights of voters to safely exercise their rights in the general election. Limiting voters’ access to vote by mail is no way to run a democracy. Pennsylvania’s elected officials are responsible for ensuring that the residents of the Commonwealth are able to vote safely at all times. This is nonnegotiable. 

“Every decision about our elections needs to be made in the best interest of voters’ health, safety, and the sanctity of our democracy. Despite repeated assertions by local and national critics, mail-in balloting has been a secure way to cast your ballot in Pennsylvania for decades. It works well for states like Colorado and Washington as well as for our military service members. We are confident the courts will dismiss this suit for the sham it is.”