All Voting Is Local is a collaborative effort to make voting accessible for every eligible voter. We fix problems before they happen and knock down barriers to voting. We fight for:

  • Simple voter registration processes
  • Plentiful early voting opportunities for working voters
  • Mail-in ballot procedures that are easy and understandable for service members, Americans with disabilities, and other mail voters
  • Conveniently located and accessible polling places distributed fairly across the state
  • Poll workers that are properly trained and reflect the community they serve
  • Making the voice of every eligible Arizonan heard, no matter where they live, their native language, or ability


Besides fixing problems – we actively make democracy stronger. We learn lessons from across the country about how elections can be run more fairly – and deliver solutions tailor-made for Arizona. We are All Voting is Local Arizona!


Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll tell you
how to become a poll worker where you live.