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All Voting is Local Arizona is fighting back against the harmful anti-voter bills being considered by the Arizona Legislature. (You can join the fight here.)

But, lawmakers don’t call all the shots in elections, so All Voting is Local Arizona is leading county-by-county efforts to guide local decision-makers to action that will protect our freedom to vote. We’re urging county officials to: make elections more accessible; meaningfully collaborate with Native American Tribes and voters—whose voices are often left out; and provide opportunities, such as additional online tools and meetings, for the public to help shape election planning so that all voices are heard.

News from Arizona

Advocates Urge Lawmakers to Allow Remote Testimony for 2022 Legislative Session

Thirty-two organizations released the following joint statement calling on the Arizona State Legislature to allow public testimony virtually for the 2022 legislative session:

Al Jazeera: After 2020 losses US Republicans move to limit voting rights

“If one were to objectively draw a through-line through most of these bills, they’re actually reacting to the ‘Big Lie’,” said Alex Gulotta, Arizona state director for the All Voting is Local Campaign.  

CNN: Arizona Republican lawmakers join GOP efforts to target voting, with nearly two dozen restrictive voting measures

Alex Gulotta, the Arizona state director of All Voting is Local, said hearings like Wednesday's reveal the "privilege of the suburban legislators" who assume everyone has easy access to the documents proposals advancing this year would make necessary, and fail to take into account the limited internet access rural areas and some of the state's Native American communities face.

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In Arizona, as lawmakers tried to silence our voices with more than 50 anti-voter bills, All Voting is Local Arizona worked with partners to push back against these attempts to limit our freedom to vote. Our Arizona State Director Alex Gulotta testified in front of the Arizona Legislature and led national calls against the harmful bills.