Our Priorities

In recent years, Arizona officials have changed how voters cast ballots. Today, more than 70% of the population votes by mail. But that change doesn’t benefit Arizonans equally. Consider that only 26% of Native Americans live on a U.S. Postal Service route, which makes it more difficult to receive and vote by mail. All Voting is Local Arizona has these areas of focus:

  • Ensuring Arizonans who are less likely to vote by mail, such as Native Americans, Latinos, African Americans, and students, can vote in-person–both early and on Election Day–at polling places that are accessible and are near where they live and work, and without waiting in a long line to vote.
  • Advocating for fair rules for Arizonans casting ballots by mail or in person, so they know their votes will count. 
  • Fighting for voting programs in local jails to increase the number of Arizonans in jail who can cast a ballot in the 2020 election. 

All Voting is Local Arizona’s fight to remove obstacles to the ballot has secured victories and called out unfair practices to achieve voting that is free, fair, and accessible to all.

News from Arizona

Al Jazeera: After 2020 losses US Republicans move to limit voting rights

“If one were to objectively draw a through-line through most of these bills, they’re actually reacting to the ‘Big Lie’,” said Alex Gulotta, Arizona state director for the All Voting is Local Campaign.  

CNN: Arizona Republican lawmakers join GOP efforts to target voting, with nearly two dozen restrictive voting measures

Alex Gulotta, the Arizona state director of All Voting is Local, said hearings like Wednesday's reveal the "privilege of the suburban legislators" who assume everyone has easy access to the documents proposals advancing this year would make necessary, and fail to take into account the limited internet access rural areas and some of the state's Native American communities face.

All Voting is Local State Leaders Urge Voter-Focused Election Reforms During 2021 Legislative Period

WASHINGTON – In op-eds for Talking Points Memo, the Arizona Republic, Cleveland.com, Nevada Independent, Tampa Bay Times - and an accompanying Spanish version in the Orlando Sentinel - All Voting is Local Pennsylvania, Arizona, Ohio, Nevada, and Florida state directors share lessons learned from the 2020 general election—with firsthand accounts of how changes spurred by the pandemic affected voters—and urge officials to fix outdated voting systems and expand access to the ballot.