July 9, 2024

RENO The Washoe County Board of Commissioners failed to certify the election recount results after the county’s District 4 and School Board Trustee races were completed. In response to commissioners Jeanne Herman, Michael Clark, and Clara Andriola’s refusing to vote to certify the election for a second time, Dr. Jennifer Willett, All Voting is Local Nevada Senior Campaign Manager, issued the following statement:

“This is an egregious act against Washoe County voters. The Washoe Board of Commissioners is legally obligated to certify the results and complete the election process. Election officials completed the recounts as required by law, and three of the five commissioners have voted against certifying the results. Commissioners Herman and Clark have now failed to vote to certify the election for the second time in two weeks, and Commissioner Andriola has now joined them in refusing to vote to certify the results at today’s canvassing hearing. Their refusal to certify is antithetical to their job description and responsibility to voters in their county. Refusal to certify elections is an attempt to cast doubt on the results. This is an unacceptable attempt to undermine our democracy and a pattern of practice that severely harms Nevada voters.”