Press Releases, State News / June 18, 2020

Governor DeSantis Again Misses the Mark on Protecting Florida’s Election

All Voting is Local Florida state director, Brad Ashwell, issued the following statement on Governor DeSantis’ executive order on how Florida will handle the upcoming primary and general elections amid concerns of COVID-19:

“Governor DeSantis’ executive order is woefully insufficient to ensure that Florida’s elections this year are free, fair, and safe. DeSantis cannot allow our elections to repeat the debacles in Wisconsin and Georgia, where far too many Black and Brown voters had to risk their health to cast their ballots.

Press Releases, State News / June 3, 2020

All Voting is Local Statement on Pennsylvania’s Primary Obstacles

All Voting is Local State Director Scott Seeborg issued the following statement in response to Pennsylvania’s primary election, where voters in Black and Brown communities needlessly faced long lines and confusion at the polls because of last minute polling place closures, voting machines that didn’t work, a lack of ballot drop boxes, and a militarized police presence at or near some locations in Allegheny and Philadelphia counties:

Press Releases, State News / June 3, 2020

PRESS CALL: Voting Rights Leaders to Assess Pennsylvania’s Handling of June 2 Primary

PHILADELPHIA – Leading civil rights organizations will host a telephone press briefing on June 4, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. ET to evaluate Pennsylvania officials’ performance during the primary election this week. The groups will assess how officials executed on the election with two additional months to prepare, including how they informed voters about last-minute changes to polling places and voting by mail amid the COVID-19 pandemic and growing protests which led to reduced public transportation accessibility and militarized police presence.

Press Releases, State News / June 1, 2020

Turn Up Tuesdays Arrives in Pennsylvania to Confront Disruptions to June 2 Primary

PHILADELPHIA - All Voting is Local and The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, in conjunction with its joint And Still I Vote℠ campaign, will host events this week to urge Pennsylvania officials to ensure a free, fair and safe primary on June 2. Pennsylvania voters will face a series of barriers to the ballot due to last-minute changes amid COVID-19 and protests across the country, including sudden polling place changes, reduced public transportation accessibility, heavy National Guard presence, and confusing rules about voting by mail.

Press Releases, State News / May 27, 2020

All Voting is Local to Urge Philadelphians to be Vigilant About Changes to June Election

PHILADELPHIA - All Voting is Local Pennsylvania today announced a campaign to urge Philadelphia voters to return their mail in ballots by the June 2 primary election deadline and alert them to massive polling place changes throughout the city. This week of action includes a virtual town hall on Thursday where voting rights advocates and state officials will encourage voters to use the various options at their disposal to exercise their right to vote

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