Media, Press Releases, State News / June 28, 2021

New Legislation Calling for Hearings on Election Reform is a Critical Step in Ensuring the Freedom to Vote for Philadelphians

PHILADELPHIA — All Voting is Local Pennsylvania State Director Scott Seeborg issued the following statement in response to the introduction of Resolution 210657, which calls for hearings on election reform, an important step forward for the Philadelphia City Council to ensure free, fair elections:

Reports, State News / May 26, 2021

Getting There is Half the Battle: Wisconsin’s Photo ID Law, Access to DMV Services, and the Fight for Our Freedom to Vote

Wisconsin’s lack of access to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a deliberate barrier for voters to get the photo ID needed to cast a ballot.

In this report, we examine these disparities and offer recommendations on how Florida’s 67 counties can make the process and validating of mail ballots uniform so that all voters can make their voices heard.

Media, State News / March 5, 2021


Groups that wrote the letter urging Cobb to do more said they offered to help find workers for additional sites. “It is not good enough to hear that resources are an issue when you have voting rights advocates and organizations standing by to provide the help that you say that you purportedly need,” said Aklima Khondoker with the Georgia chapter of All Voting is Local. Khondoker and other advocates also pointed out that most other counties in the Atlanta metro area avoided reducing early voting sites for the runoff.

Press Releases / February 25, 2021

Behind Closed Doors, Georgia’s Legislature is Rushing to Dismantle Voting Rights

ATLANTA — All Voting is Local Georgia State Director Aklima Khondoker issued the following statement in response to the Georgia legislature’s covert and hurried process to hear approximately 50 anti-voter bills without a proper public hearing or comment period:

Press Releases, State News / January 26, 2021

All Voting is Local State Leaders Urge Voter-Focused Election Reforms During 2021 Legislative Period

WASHINGTON – In op-eds for Talking Points Memo, the Arizona Republic,, Nevada Independent, Tampa Bay Times - and an accompanying Spanish version in the Orlando Sentinel - All Voting is Local Pennsylvania, Arizona, Ohio, Nevada, and Florida state directors share lessons learned from the 2020 general election—with firsthand accounts of how changes spurred by the pandemic affected voters—and urge officials to fix outdated voting systems and expand access to the ballot.

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