No matter our background or zip code, all Floridians deserve the freedom to vote. When we work together, we can push back on the threats to our voting rights. We need election practices that protect our access to the ballot and leaders who will protect our democracy.

Florida voters hold the power in our democracy. We deserve to live in a state that will provide:

  • Access to voter registration 
  • Expansion of early voting
  • Access to vote-by-mail
  • Language access for all voters
  • Equitable access to voting sites 
  • Access to secure ballot intake stations
  • Access to accurate and timely electoral information
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Full funding of elections

Voters in Duval Co. advocate for early voting sites in their area. Their protesting led to the county’s supervisor of elections office announcing in August of 2023 that it would reopen five sites, including one on the campus of Edward Waters University.

As Florida voters, we believe in a powerful and democracy-centered movement that reflects the values, priorities, and leadership of our communities. We need free, fair, and accessible elections with systems that guarantee participation for every voter, in the method best suited to their needs. This requires an equitable distribution of accessible early voting sites and drop boxes for all communities, and accommodations for those whose preferred language isn’t English through measures that extend beyond what’s currently mandated by law.

Florida election officials must build trust in our elections and encourage voters by denouncing false claims that undermine fair elections. They must work hand-in-hand with voters to guarantee an election process free from discrimination, disinformation, and barriers that limit voters’ freedom to safely make their voices heard.

Sign on to our pro-voter agenda here and make a difference in Florida elections NOW. 

When we work together with our communities throughout the state, we can create an incredible impact. Local activists, supervisors of elections and voters prove that there is power in numbers when paving pathways to more accessible elections in Florida. Here are some recent examples:

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