November 28, 2022

COCHISE, Arizona— Five out of the six remaining Arizona counties that certified their election results today did so without a hitch. Cochise County was the only county that refused to certify the free and fair 2022 election results, All Voting Is Local Arizona State Director Alex Gulotta released the following statement:

“Outside of Cochise County, today was a great day for democracy in Arizona. It’s astounding that Cochise County officials failed to certify the election results. The refusal to certify the results is directly tied to those who would rather sow distrust in our electoral process than protect our democracy and ensure that all votes are counted.

“Fortunately for Cochise voters, the Secretary of State has a path to ensure that their votes count in this election. Secretary Hobbs has made it abundantly clear that she will protect voters and ensure that the election results are certified.”


Cochise County officials refused to certify their 2022 election results. Due to their refusal to certify, the Secretary of State’s office has made it clear that they will be pursuing legal action through a mandamus lawsuit, to enforce the standing law requiring all counties to certify before the November 28 deadline.

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