January 26, 2023

TALLAHASSEE All Voting is Local Florida and partners sent a letter Monday to Florida supervisors of elections urging their offices to use every means at their disposal to educate voters on changes to the state’s vote-by-mail rules. Due to recent changes in state law, voters must now request their mail ballots each general election cycle rather than every two cycles.

The letter asks Florida’s elections officials to mail information to voters directly, put updated information on their county supervisor of election websites and to post periodically on their official social media channels to ensure voters are made aware of the vote-by-mail changes. 

Supervisors of elections should also consider additional outreach to voters via local print, radio, and digital media outlets, as well as through office email lists, text lists, and through participation at community events. 

You can view the full letter here.

You can also check out All Voting is Local’s web page that directs voters to their specific county’s vote-by-mail applications.