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In the wake of Georgia’s anti-voter Senate Bill 202, we’re engaging Georgians to hold their local elections boards accountable through the Georgia Peanut Gallery. We’re also demanding that election officials improve voter education and make voting more accessible for people with disabilities and Georgians who have limited English proficiency.

News from Georgia

AP: Georgia governor: Loss of All-Star game will hurt minorities

Critics say it’s the voting law that’s political and will disproportionately affect communities of color. Kemp’s news conference was trying to deflect from that, as the governor gears up for next year’s election to try to win a second term, said Aklima Khondoker, state director of the voting rights group, All Voting is Local.

“He’s pivoting away from all of the malicious things that we understand that this bill represents to people of color in Georgia,” she said.

Time Magazine: Companies Condemn Georgia’s Restrictive Voting Law Amid Pressure Campaign From Advocates

“It’s not enough to talk the talk; you have to walk the walk,” says Aklima Khondoker, Georgia State Director for All Voting is Local, a national voting rights group. “Call for a repeal of this bill. Call for a ban of all of these provisions. Do that publicly. With their voice it’s going to be incredibly loud and hard to ignore when those corporations speak.”

Washington Post: How Georgia voters feel about the state’s new election regulations

Aklima Khondoker, All Voting is Local Georgia State Director, and Stephanie Jackson Ali, All Voting is Local Georgia Campaign Manger, discuss why Georgia's SB 202 is harmful and anti-voter.

Featured Work

We collaborated with partners to make voting accessible for all Georgians. Our advocacy efforts ensured Georgians had equitable access to request and return their absentee ballots and worked with local elections officials to add ballot drop boxes. Our work in 2020 added 78 ballot drop boxes in 15 counties, providing a safe, secure, and effective alternative to in-person voting for more than 2.9 million Georgians.