Our Priorities

From voter purges to polling locations that shutter without warning in African-American neighborhoods — Georgia voters have faced sometimes insurmountable obstacles to the ballot box. But they haven’t stopped fighting back, and we won’t either. In 2020, All Voting is Local is supporting our partners by:

  • Ensuring that Georgia’s voter rolls are kept up to date — and that no eligible Georgia voter is wrongfully purged.
  • Empowering Georgia voters — especially in communities of color — to protect their registration and their vote, including by directly contacting voters impacted by purges.
  • Making sure no Georgia voter is prevented from casting a ballot because of poll closures. 
  • Fixing problems that cause voters’ mail-in and provisional ballots to be rejected, so that every validly cast ballot will count in 2020.

News from Georgia

Truthout: Raffensperger Stood Up to Trump, But He Also Attacked Voting Rights Groups

For Aklima Khondoker, Georgia state director for All Voting is Local, Raffensperger’s actions have been continuously trending toward focusing on his own political survival instead of prioritizing voters and a fair process. “These two versions are at odds,” said Khondoker. “In one version, Raffensperger is committed to rejecting political fodder, while in the other, he signals a call to his base.”

Khondoker challenged the inconsistencies within Raffensperger’s approach to the current election cycle even after he unequivocally condemned the worst of allegations. “We hear that our elections were conducted fairly, honestly and free from fraud,” Khondoker told Truthout. “Raffensperger is fueling suspicions about our elections by opening baseless investigations that serve to weaken the integrity of our elections for political gain.”

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Georgia voter signature audit will validate ballots — or find fraud

“The hope I have is that it will show that our election workers have worked diligently and hard through this entire election, that they have been checking signatures as ballots are received and they’ve been matched,” said Aklima Khondoker, Georgia director for All Voting is Local, an organization that advocates for greater voting access.

Time Magazine: After Georgia Flips Blue, Voting Rights Advocates Brace for New Voting Restrictions

Aklima Khondoker, Georgia state director for All Voting is Local, agrees that making voting harder is not the answer to easing election workers’ burden. “The solution must be to support the workers that are doing this work so they can continue to do it (and) voters can continue to enjoy access to the ballot,” she says, adding that means hiring more poll workers and instituting more robust training.

Advocacy in Action

All Voting is Local Georgia successfully defended voters from a repressive bill that would have punished voters instead of holding elections officials accountable. Our advocacy continued, pushing all 159 counties to install ballot drop boxes so registered voters didn’t have to choose between voting and their health.