Our Priorities

Wrongful voter purges. Rejected ballots in Black communities. Attempts to decrease the number of poll workers who serve on Election Day so that polling places aren’t prepared. These are just the latest threats to free and fair elections in Ohio. We can’t allow these attempts to roll back the right to vote.

In 2019, Ohio removed nearly half a million voters from the registration rolls, thousands of whom should have stayed on the rolls because they were actually eligible voters. Voter purges are an urgent threat to the right to vote. Even Ohio’s secretary of state admitted the process was flawed. And yet, the purges continue.

All Voting is Local Ohio was the first advocacy group to reach voters in the pipeline to be purged by texting and calling nearly 500,000 people in 2018 and 2019. Our Ohio team is on the ground with creative solutions and advocacy focused on three priorities:

  • Fighting wrongful purges while also advocating for reforms we know can fix a broken system such as Automatic Voter Registration.
  • Traveling statewide to train advocates to fight for better access to voting for people in Ohio’s jails and to watchdog local boards of elections for reductions in poll workers so that no voter has to wait in a long line because a polling place is not prepared.
  • Empowering voters at Ohio’s Historical Black Colleges and Universities to know their rights at the polls. Students at Wilberforce and Central State universities disproportionately cast more provisional ballots and are more likely to have those ballots rejected.

News from Ohio

Franklin County, Ohio Court Decision a Win for Voter Access

CLEVELAND — All Voting is Local Ohio State Director Kayla Griffin issued the following statement in response to the recent ruling by the Court of Common Pleas in Franklin County affirming multiple ballot drop boxes are allowed in each county, which Ohio’s Secretary of State Frank LaRose has already appealed.

Advocacy Groups Urge Ohio’s Secretary of State to Mandate Drop Boxes for General Election

CLEVELAND - All Voting is Local, Common Cause Ohio, Columbus Stand Up, and several religious and community organizations sent a letter today to Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose urging him to increase the number of ballot drop boxes in each county. 

All Voting is Local Welcomes Kayla Griffin as Ohio State Director

CLEVELAND — All Voting is Local welcomed Kayla S. Griffin as its Ohio State Director to lead the campaign’s fight to remove barriers between Ohioans and the ballot box.

Ohio Needs More Drop Boxes.

In Ohio, there’s only one ballot drop box in each county, but Secretary of State Frank LaRose has the power to change that. Ohioans deserve options to vote and return their ballots. Drop Boxes give freedom and flexibility to vote safely and securely. We partnered with several religious and community organizations to send a letter to urge him to increase the number of ballot drop boxes in each county. We also mobilized our supporters through digital campaigns to email LaRose to demand more drop boxes.