All Voting is Local Ohio protects and expands citizens’ freedom to vote through advocacy and empowerment. We collaborate with local election officials, activist networks, and nonpartisan community organizations to solve the problems voters face when trying to make their voices heard.

Our current priorities include:

  • Modernize voter registration
  • Enfranchising eligible voters with criminal convictions
  • Advocate for improved technology to make elections more fair, convenient, and secure
  • Empower voters with disabilities to cast their ballots independently
  • Recruit poll workers, particularly those from underserved communities


Election Protection

Educate. Empower. Protect.  Do you want to help eligible voters participate in our democracy? Click Here to Volunteer for Election Protection

Protecting and Expanding The Right to Vote in Ohio – An Agenda for Reform

Together with a coalition of voting rights groups throughout Ohio, All Voting is Local has established a blueprint for protecting and expanding the right to vote for all Ohioans. The Ohio Voter Rights Coalition works to modernize the state’s elections process and advocate for policies that streamline the voter registration process, increase early voting and fully enfranchise people in the criminal justice system.




Your Vote Matters

We all have the right to vote. Accommodations can be made for people with disabilities. Your vote matters!

Here’s What to Expect at the Polls

Learn about the voting process and what to expect at the polls. Your vote matters!


Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll tell you
how to become a poll worker where you live.