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We’re working closely with grassroots volunteers across the state to support local election officials , advocate for ballot access, and prevent attempts to subvert and sabotage our elections. In a state with one of the most restrictive ID requirements to vote, we’re urging the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles to increase the days and hours at DMV locations so that voters can get the ID they need to vote.

News from Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Anti-Drop Box Decision a Tremendous Loss for Voter Accessibility

Milwaukee — In response to the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision to restrict the use of drop boxes for the August and November 2022 elections, All Voting is Local Wisconsin State Director Shauntay Nelson issued the following statement:

Wisconsin’s 2020 General Election was Free, Fair, and Accurate

MILWAUKEE — In response to partisan-backed attorney and former Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman’s release of a sham ballot review “report”on the 2020 General Election in Wisconsin to the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, All Voting is Local Wisconsin State Director Shauntay Nelson issued the following statement:

Report: Eligible Wisconsin Voters in Jail Still Face Unnecessary Hurdles to the Ballot

MILWAUKEE — All Voting is Local, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, and the ACLU of Wisconsin today released Ballots for All: Ensuring Eligible Wisconsinites in Jail Have Equal Access to Voting — an update to the July 2020 report, Ballots for All: Ensuring Eligible Wisconsin Voters in Jail Have Equal Access to Voting. The new report found that many jail administrators have taken small, but important, steps to increase ballot access for individuals in their care. However, troubling voting barriers persist for the approximately 13,000 people incarcerated in Wisconsin’s jails at any given time.

Featured Work

Our report, “Getting There is Half the Battle: Wisconsin’s Photo ID Law, Access to DMV Services, and the Fight for Our Freedom to Vote,” breaks down how limited access to the Department of Motor Vehicles is a barrier to Wisconsinites obtaining the photo ID needed to cast a ballot. Together with Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition and the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, we offer recommendations on how to expand access to the ballot, even amid Wisconsin’s restrictive voter ID law.

  • Wisconsin’s restrictive photo ID law harms Black voters most.
    1 in 4 Black voters were deterred by the state’s voter ID law in 2016.
  • Former Governor Walker signed Act 23 into law, establishing one of the most stringent and complex photo ID laws in the nation. The law compromises the integrity of our elections by creating needless and discriminatory barriers to the ballot for thousands of Wisconsinites, particularly for Wisconsinites of color, students, people with disabilities, and older voters.
  • One of the primary barriers it creates is that it makes the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) the primary space through which a voter can procure an ID for voting. The DMV provides limited services in often inaccessible locations.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic things got even dire, due to the closure of many of the existing DMV locations.