In Wisconsin, All Voting is Local collaborates with non-partisan organizations to make the ballot box more accessible. We increase the capacity of grassroots groups already on the ground so that every eligible Wisconsinite can vote. Our democracy will be stronger for it.

Our current priorities include:

  • Actionable voter education that streamlines complex information
  • Targeted campaigns on voting rights for people formerly incarcerated of a felony
  • Direct assistance to voters without ID and pre-election education on photo ID
  • Training volunteers to run a helpline, a year-round resource voters can call for assistance with any issue in making their voice heard
  • Poll worker recruitment in locations where shortages historically occur


Go to https://togetherwevote.org/  to learn more about your rights as a Wisconsin voter and receive assistance if you need it.


Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll tell you
how to become a poll worker where you live.