Media / May 11, 2021

Time: Arizona Just Became the Latest State to Approve Mail Voting Restrictions. Here’s What to Know

Voting rights advocates broadly criticize the law, and are particularly concerned that the way the law is written—that if you do not cast an early ballot in any elections, for two consecutive election cycles, you will be kicked off the list. “If you vote in person that will still trigger the provisions of this [law] to begin the process of purging you from the list,” says Alex Gulotta, Arizona state director for All Voting is Local. That is “insidious,” he adds.

Media, State News / May 11, 2021 What Florida’s new voting law means for you

Brad Ashwell, the state director for All Voting is Local, said changes due to the law could keep a lot of voters away.

“Any time there is an obstacle to voting, it’s going to disproportionately impact more vulnerable communities and those communities that are already challenged by the existing system. That’s typically Black voters, Hispanic voters,” he said.

Media / May 9, 2021

The New York Times: In Arizona, a Troubled Voting Review Plods On as Questions Mount

“This subpoena and this audit is not dissimilar to what’s happening with a number of bills being pushed nationally that basically take fair, objective processes and move them into partisan political bodies,” said Alex Gulotta, the state’s director of All Voting Is Local, a national voting-rights advocacy group. “This is not an aberration. This is a window into the future of where some people would like our elections to go.”

Media, State News / May 7, 2021

Pew Stateline: Florida Enacts New Voting Restrictions, Joining Other Republican-Led States

“By erecting onerous barriers to request and return a vote-by-mail ballot, this legislature has made voting a test of stamina and resources rather than a statement of civic responsibility,” said Brad Ashwell, Florida state director for All Voting is Local, a national voting rights group.

Media, State News / May 6, 2021

Common Dreams: ‘This Is How Fascists Operate’: DeSantis Signs Anti-Voting Bill Behind Closed Doors for Fox News

By signing the bill, said the civil rights organization All Voting Is Local-Florida, "DeSantis is continuing a disturbing, nationwide trend of turning lies into legislation."

"The truth is during the 2020 election cycle, Floridians refused to choose between their health and the right to vote, casting vote-by-mail ballots in record numbers so they could safely and securely steer the fate of our democracy," said Brad Ashwell, director of the organization.

"SB90 weaponizes lies and uses them as a basis to exact a vendetta against Floridians, assaulting our freedom to vote. There is no integrity in restricting access to the ballot box.”

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