Media, State News / March 27, 2021

Pew Charitable Trust “Republican Wave of Voting Restrictions Swells”

“It’s all sort of geared toward addressing this specter of fraud and the specter of problems that don’t really exist,” said Brad Ashwell, the Florida state director for All Voting is Local, a voting rights nonprofit.

“They’re looking to make the process harder, more costly, and create a lot more voter confusion.”

Media, State News / March 26, 2021

Time Magazine: Georgia Has Enacted Sweeping Changes to Its Voting Law. Here’s Why Voting Rights Advocates Are Worried

Aklima Khondoker, Georgia State Director for All Voting is Local, a national voting rights group, is concerned that the new limits on the availability and access to dropboxes will especially impact voters in areas with fewer early voting sites—often in diverse neighborhoods—as well as those with disabilities. “You can’t call it a mailbox anymore if you shove it inside of the United States Postal Service and say that this is a mailbox like any other mailbox,” says Khondoker. She describes the new law as similar to “death by 1,000 cuts,” calling it “voter suppression by 1,000 measures.”

Media / March 25, 2021

As the For the People Act voting bill is debated, Republicans in dozens of states push restrictions

But this provision is problematic for many Native Americans who live on reservations with unreliable postal service, said Rosemary Avila, a campaign manager for All Voting Is Local’s Arizona chapter.

Avila said it’s clear this Arizona bill is “a direct response to the 2020 election and the increase in turnout in communities that turned out and make their voices heard.”

Media / March 25, 2021

88.5 WMNF: Florida’s GOP-backed voting bills could disenfranchise millions of elderly and disabled Floridians, especially in minority communities

Brad Ashwell works with All Voting is Local. He said if these bills pass, millions of Floridians who have the ability to vote could end up disenfranchised. “This is a really bad provision in both bills that needs to change,” he said. “Hopefully they’ll work on that.”

Media, State News / March 15, 2021

Florida Phoenix: GOP reforms: Only immediate family could help pick up and deliver ballots; but what if there’s no family close by?

Some voting-rights advocates come right out and say the goal is to cut into voting by Democrats, particularly Democrats of color, who collectively cast nearly 700,000 more ballots by mail in Florida in 2020 than did Republicans.

“It seems to be coming from national forces,” said Brad Ashwell, Florida director of All Voting Is Local, a voting rights organization with state chapters around the country.

Media, State News / March 12, 2021

CNN: Arizona Republican lawmakers join GOP efforts to target voting, with nearly two dozen restrictive voting measures

Alex Gulotta, the Arizona state director of All Voting is Local, said hearings like Wednesday's reveal the "privilege of the suburban legislators" who assume everyone has easy access to the documents proposals advancing this year would make necessary, and fail to take into account the limited internet access rural areas and some of the state's Native American communities face.

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