Our Priorities

From the infamous hanging chads of the 2000 election to long lines at polling places in 2018, Florida voters have faced countless barriers to the ballot. Time and again, elections officials make decisions that erect barriers to the same communities that know the harm of being disenfranchised: African Americans, low-income voters, students and people who don’t speak fluent English. In Florida, we are fighting to remove those obstacles and achieve these goals:

  • Students and communities of color have more opportunities to vote early, in person.
  • Voters who speak Spanish, Haitian Creole, and other languages receive ballots, voting materials, and support in their native language as required by law.
  • All voters, no matter who they are or where they live, can vote without waiting in long lines at their polling places.

News from Florida

WFSU – Florida House & Senate Leaders Set COVID-19 Rules

“Anytime you have invitations going out from leadership, you’re going to run into potential inequities, especially not only the nonprofit, advocacy-oriented lobby corps, but also the public,” Brad Ashwell, Florida state director of All Voting is Local, said in a phone interview. “A lot of constituency groups bus up members during session.”

Logistics could also pose a problem, Ashwell said. Lobbyists could find it difficult to attend a House committee meeting in the Capitol shortly before or after making a virtual appearance at a Senate panel from the civic center.

“This disconnect between what the House and Senate are doing is concerning to me. They need to be on the same page,” Ashwell said.

Florida’s Duval County Voters Need Trust, Transparency from Canvassing Board

TALLAHASSEE - All Voting is Local Florida state director Brad Ashwell issued the following statement in response to Judge Eleni Derke’s appointment to the Duval County Canvassing Board. Judge Derke replaces Judge Shore, who resigned amid allegations of improper political donations: 

Florida Deserves a Working Voter Registration Website, Not Willful Ignorance

TALLAHASSEE – All Voting is Local Florida State Director Brad Ashwell issued the following statement in response to Chief U.S. District Judge Mark Walker’s decision not to extend Florida’s voter registration period, following the system’s crash on the deadline day:


Kerry Washington joined All Voting is Local and other advocates in the fight to get a Florida supervisor of elections to fulfill his professional obligation and inform residents of their voting options.




Registering to vote is the first action necessary to participate in our democracy. But in Florida, their voter registration website repeatedly failed to stay up and running just before the registration deadlines. After repeated attempts to get the Governor and Secretary of State to address the faulty website, All Voting is Local launched a multi-media campaign that drew increased attention to the issue and called for a permanent fix. Learn more at FixOVRNow.com