Our Program Makes a Difference

In communities nationwide, officials use bureaucracy to erect barriers to the ballot. All Voting is Local’s fight to remove those obstacles has secured victories and called out unfair practices in an effort to achieve voting that is free, fair, and accessible to all.

Voting By Mail is a Normal Process and It Takes Time. 

Voting by mail isn’t new. It’s safe, secure and popular in states nationwide. But it takes time to count votes, and this year amid the pandemic, we may not know results on election night. Our National Campaign Director Hannah Fried was on AM Joy on MSNBC to break down everything you need to know about voting by mail.



Ohio Needs More Drop Boxes.

In Ohio, there’s only one ballot drop box in each county, but Secretary of State Frank LaRose has the power to change that. Ohioans deserve options to vote and return their ballots. Drop Boxes give freedom and flexibility to vote safely and securely. We partnered with several religious and community organizations to send a letter to urge him to increase the number of ballot drop boxes in each county. We also mobilized our supporters through digital campaigns to email LaRose to demand more drop boxes.



All Voting is Local Mobilizes to Kill Repressive Bill.

Long lines, malfunctioning machines, and inadequate planning marred Georgia’s primary elections. Rather than accept responsibility, Georgia’s Secretary of State attempted to pass the blame onto the voters with Senate Bill 463, and that’s when All Voting is Local activated. We mobilized our coalition partners and the public to defeat the bill, and we’ll continue to hold elected officials accountable. 



Prepaid Postage For Mail Ballots Secured in Michigan.

Our campaign successfully worked with Michigan’s Oakland County to guarantee it would provide pre-paid postage to all voters who vote absentee for the general election. We are calling on other counties to follow suit: “voting by mail should not be a privilege for only those who can afford it, particularly amid a pandemic” – as State Director Aghogho Edevbie noted.



Calling Out Florida’s #HypocriteHogan.

We urged Duval County Florida Supervisor of Elections Mike Hogan to send vote by mail applications to registered voters in his county, just as other major Florida counties have. He didn’t, which is odd because voting by mail is the method he used in the 2020 presidential preference primary AND 2018 general. Seems hypocritical, right? We won’t rest until he does the right thing and delivers this necessary reform amid COVID-19.



Voting In Jail is a Right.

With ACLU-Wisconsin, we released a report revealing more than half of counties in the state don’t have policies outlining how people in jail can cast a ballot during an election. This harms 12,500 people across the state. At any given time, there are roughly 750,000 people in jail nationwide, and most are legally allowed to cast ballots. But unless we act now, they won’t be able to. Check out our toolkit which offers a roadmap for advocates to engage county sheriffs, the media, and other organizations to ensure all voices are heard.

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