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So far in 2021, legislators have introduced more than 360 restrictive bills in nearly every state in the nation. Watch as our National Campaign Director Hannah Fried breaks down some of the worst state-level anti-voter bills across the country and tells us how we can get involved.

States all over the country are tightening ID restrictions for vote-by-mail ballots, making it harder to request one. Watch as our Arizona State Director explains who is most likely to be harmed by these barriers.

After working to remove barriers to the ballot for the general election, All Voting is Local Georgia continued to keep the pressure on officials to make voting accessible during the runoff. Here’s a video we produced that encouraged Georgians to keep voting!

Despite reports that Florida’s election ran smoothly, more than 47,000 Floridians (most of whom were first-time voters, voters of color, or newly registered voters) had to race against the clock and resolve or “cure,” or fix, issues with their ballot before their vote was rejected. Check out our report, where we break down that disparity.



While other states are moving backward on voting rights, Nevada is moving forward. AB 321 would benefit all Nevadans and give them the freedom to vote how they choose. Because of the pandemic, provisions of this bill were implemented in last year’s election. In our latest data analysis, we found that voter turnout rates increased for EVERY demographic group.



Despite Ohio running one of their most successful elections in recent history, Ohio’s legislature introduced their first anti voting bill, HB294, in hopes of making it harder for Black and Brown voters to access the ballot. Our Ohio State Director, Kayla Griffin, debated the bill’s flaws with its sponsor, Rep. Bill Seitz, and made it clear we won’t go backwards. voices are heard.

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